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Getting Started in Sterile Processing

The Sterile Processing DepartmentGetting Started in Sterile ProcessingA step-by-step guideby Adam OkadaBefore you begin:Sterile Processing is a fast-paced, constantly changing, and at times, stress-provoking area. Make sure you have most, if not all, of the following traits before you embark on your on 01/08/2018

5 Easy Ways to Improve Quality Assurance in Sterile Processing

The first (and most important) job of a Sterile Processing Manager or Educator, is maintaining a high level of quality in their department. Unlike other “processing” fields which work on a batch or assembly line, Sterile Processing is a Quality Assurance department before anything else. Patient sa
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Welcome to!

Welcome to!Our goal is simple: We want to be a resource for you, the Sterile Processing Professional. Combined, our staff have almost 100 years of Sterile Processing experience as SPD Techs, Surgical Techs, SPD Leads, Supervisors, Managers, & Educators. So we understand the bu