Adam Okada on 07/06/2018

The Patient Perspective

I still remember my first day in Sterile Processing. I had just finished my 400 training hours, passed my certification test, and was hired by the facility that I had been volunteering at. After a brief tour of the SPD & Operating Room, I was left with an O.R. nurse and taken into one of the operating rooms. They briefed me on the sterile field and aseptic technique and I stood quietly in the corner trying not to touch anything.

A Adam Okada
Adam Okada on 01/09/2018

Five Easy Ways to Improve Quality in Sterile Processing

The first (and most important) job of a Sterile Processing Manager or Educator, is maintaining a high level of quality in their department. Unlike other “processing” fields which work on a batch or assembly line, Sterile Processing is a Quality Assurance department before anything else. Patient safety is the #1 priority, and improving a department’s positive outcomes should always come before trying to boost productivity. Here are 5 easy ways to get started:

A Adam Okada