The Work Before Us: A Conversation on Education, Networking, & Collaboration in Sterile Processing

Posted on 01/13/2022

The Sterile Processing industry in the United States and around the globe is awash in change and surrounded by countless challenges. Preparing for and overcoming these will take each and every one of us pulling together in the same direction. On Wednesday January 26th, two industry thought leaders, Damien Berg (VP of Strategic Initiatives at HSPA) and Hank Balch (President & Co-Founder at Beyond Clean) will sit down for a LIVE conversation around education, networking, and collaboration within Sterile Processing. What do recent changes at HSPA mean for their membership and the industry at large? How are current trends in clinical education impacting local/regional professional organizations, and what resources are available to help? How can YOU make an impact on the future of our profession right where you are?

Join us for this special event as we tackle those questions, answer many others, and open a much needed dialog about the "Sterile Processing Moment" in which we all find ourselves. We can assure you, this is one conversation you will not want to miss!

You can catch the discussion on any Beyond Clean livestream, including Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and Twitter. No registration is required.

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